The Omega Difference

The Omega Difference is in everything we do – the problem we solve, how we do it, and the results we achieve. Omega Medical Imaging is the only company in the world to develop and deliver AI image-guided ROI solutions that dramatically reduce radiation exposure to patients and staff. This level of radiation safety is beyond what is possible with conventional fluoro and cine systems and requires no change in existing workflow or added devices.

What makes Omega different is that we deliver up to ~84% additional reduction in radiation exposure. This reduction is in addition to any current ALARA best practices and far better than any conventional non-AI system. Omega AI-enabled systems go beyond merely managing radiation to provide actual reduction in dose. Omega’s fixed C-arm systems have created a new standard of care in interventional procedures.

The problem – or issue – for interventional systems is radiation. Every second of radiation exposure during an interventional case increases the risk of serious adverse health effects for the patient, the physician, and the staff. The risks of radiation exposure are well documented. Even when hospitals and doctors follow the best practices of ALARA, it’s not enough. There is more protection available than what is provided by time, distance, and shielding. There is technology.


Technology provides the “how we do it.” In repeated multi-center and variable analysis, collimation is the only factor that shows significant DAP radiation reduction. Collimation is the narrowing of the x-ray beam so that the patient is subjected to less radiation. Less radiation to the patient also means less risk of scatter radiation to the physician and staff.

The AI technology developed by Omega takes that collimation to the next level. On non-AI systems – or with other add-on devices – secondary collimation is controlled manually. This means that during a procedure the physician, or someone on their staff, must manually adjust the Region of Interest (ROI) to collimate the x-ray beam to the ROI and thereby reduce the radiation risk to everyone in the room. Omega’s AI technology can establish and control the ROI automatically – allowing the physician to focus on their work and their patient. AI can automatically establish the ROI and optimize secondary collimation faster and more effectively than can human operators. It’s hands-free and adaptable to the changing ROIs of interventional procedures.

What’s more, the secondary collimation technology provided by Omega truly collimates the area outside of the ROI where others merely filter the full field of view. And Omega’s technology works with both fluoro and cine.

To be clear, this is not technology that everyone has. In fact, Omega is the only company in the world to offer this technology. No other OEM has anything like it – despite any claims or allusions that they do. Omega IS different.

AI image-guided ROI systems are proven to be safer than non-AI systems and are quickly becoming the new standard of care for interventional imaging. The publications and science on the advantages of AI are clear and proven in a direct comparison between an Omega AI image-guided ROI system and a competitor’s non-ROI system. This new AI modality obsoletes the status quo conventional non-AI systems. Omega has established a new standard of radiation protection – a new standard of care.

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