Omega Medical Imaging

AI Image Guided Systems Reduce Radiation Exposure


Our systems are quickly becoming
the standard of care, obsoleting
conventional imaging.

Every second of radiation exposure during an interventional case
significantly increases patient, staff, and your risks of
serious adverse health events (i.e. cancer)

The Difference of How

Our AI systems build on the advancements of non-AI conventional systems, delivering an additional radiation reduction to patients and staff by up to ~84%*.

Seamlessly uses AI to automatically detect the doctors region of interest without any interruption
in workflow.

Advanced Trublock™ technology rapidly auto collimates to the region of interest, blocking radiation to peripheral anatomy.

Using advanced image processing the system delivers sharp full field
of view images in both cine and fluoro.

How much does AI-Imaging with FluoroShield™ reduce radiation exposure?

Patient Radiation Dose Comparison of

Conventional Image Guided System vs. AI Image Guided System w/ FluoroShield™**

*Based on dose area studies using FluoroShield™ technology, actual results may vary.