AI Technology Reduces Radiation Exposure during Endoscopic Procedures

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February 23, 2022

In a prospective study presented to The American Journal of Gastroenterology (AJG), Ji Young Bang MD, MPH, Matthew Hough MS, Robert H. Hawes MD, and Shyam Varadarajulu MD evaluated the utility of an AI-enabled fluoroscopy system to minimize radiation exposure during image-guided endoscopic procedures.

The results of the study conclusively showed that AI-enabled fluoroscopy systems significantly reduce radiation exposure to patients and scatter effect to physicians and staff. The dose area product (DAP) was 61.8% lower (2,178 vs 5,708 mGym2) while the scatter radiation to staff was 59.4% lower 0.28 vs 0.69 mSv) using the AI system compared to the conventional non-AI system.

Fluoroscopy is an integral part of many endoscopic procedures. It provides the real-time imaging physicians need to perform advanced procedures. But that same technology presents a risk of radiation exposure to the patient as well as the physician and staff.

The risks of radiation exposure are well documented. During procedures, there are two main sources of radiation – the instant beam which is the main source of radiation to the patient and scatter radiation that emanates from the patient’s body. We have discussed scatter radiation during endoscopy in a previous article. But how can technology also help to reduce the risk to everyone in the lab that radiation exposure presents?

Conventional (non-AI) imaging systems deliver radiation to the entire field of view (FOV). In contrast, AI imaging systems confine radiation exposure to the region of interest (ROI). Peripheral areas, the FOV, receive significantly less radiation – what’s required for reference and orientation.

The fluoroscopy systems designed and built by Omega utilize advanced AI-enabled technology that takes radiation safety to a new level – creating a new standard of care and obsoleting systems without this technology. Omega systems provide an automatic, hands-free solution to radiation reduction – delivering the benefit of proven radiation reduction to patients and staff beyond anything else in use today.

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