Study Compares Radiation Profiles Between AI and Non-AI Image-Guided X-Ray Systems – Proves Dramatic Dose Reduction

Sanford, Florida (March 9, 2021) — Omega Medical Imaging, the leading innovator in AI image-guided interventional systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world, released a radiation comparative study proving significant dose reduction is achieved when using AI image-guided systems compared to non-AI systems.

The objective of this study was to assess the efficacy of an AI image-guided x-ray system versus a conventional, non-AI system in reducing radiation dose. The conclusion was that in all modes of acquisition – at varying frame rates – the AI image-guided system from Omega significantly reduced radiation when compared to a competitor’s non-AI system. Radiation reduction in cine mode was up to ~75% for staff and ~71% for patients and ~61% and ~51% radiation reduction to staff and patients, respectively, in fluoroscopy mode acquisition.

“Omega is unique. Our systems use artificial intelligence to know where the region of interest is – where the doctor is focusing. This dramatically reduces radiation outside the ROI and then uses high-level image processing to blend the ROI with a full field of view. The doctor can see a box indicating the ROI but can also see the full field of view they need for orientation,” said Brian Fleming, President and CEO of Omega Medical Imaging. “Omega is the only manufacturer in the world that utilizes this technology in its systems.”

It is well established that interventional procedures expose patients and staff to high levels of radiation. The benefits of using Region of Interest (ROI) to reduce dose have been published for over 20 years and is proven science. AI image-guided ROI systems from Omega use this technology to dynamically collimate to the ROI and – combined with the world’s most advanced image processing – deliver significant radiation exposure reduction to patients and staff.

In addition to the written study, Omega produced a video simulation of the comparison as well.


About Omega Medical Imaging LLC:
Omega Medical Imaging is an innovator in the design, manufacture, delivery, and support of AI image-guided interventional systems for hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. Omega is the first, and presently only, company in the world to develop and deliver AI image-guided interventional systems that dramatically reduce radiation exposure to patients and staff beyond what is possible with conventional systems. Leveraging our 30+ years of experience, Omega is disrupting the status quo in image-guided solutions and helping current and future healthcare partners meet and exceed the quadruple aim. Based in Sanford, Florida, Omega systems are Made in the USA. Website:


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