Patients Undergoing ERCP First in Indiana to Benefit From Dose Reducing AI Technology

September 21, 2020

Parkview Regional Medical Center recently became one of only a few elite IE programs in the world that are using AI Image Guidance to drastically reduce radiation to their patients and staff during interventional fluoro procedures in the GI lab. Growing substantially under the leadership of the Director of Advanced Interventional Endoscopy & Endoscopic Oncology, Dr. Neil Sharma, the IE program at Parkview Regional is now performing over 900 ERCPs procedures. With this growth brought the need to expand from one fixed Omega fluoro room to two.

The addition of the new AI-enabled fluoro system offers many advantages to both the IE team and the patients they serve.

  • Maintains the full field of view image while delivering the highest level of image quality.
  • The AI detects the physician’s region of interest allowing for handsfree operation.
  • Automatically reduces radiation exposure of up to 84% to the patient, physician, and staff

In addition to the new AI, radiation reduction safety features, Parkview’s advanced team will benefit from using a custom fluoro system exclusively engineered and manufactured to enhance the advanced, image-guided therapeutic procedures they perform.

  • The table and C configuration are fully integrated, motorized, and controlled from a single control panel.
    – This promotes better patient positioning and visualization of stones, guide wires, bile ducts and could result in improved patient outcomes and reduction in the use of contrast media.
  • Unique 360° scatter radiation protection on the image detector and table that protects BOTH staff and patient
  • An ERCP heavy-lift, wide table, allowing obese patients weighing up to 800lbs to be safely treated.
    – Table offers 10-motorized motions and designed for the patient’s head to be on the right for IE procedures.
  • The C arm swings totally out of the way from the table and can be parallel to the head end or foot end of the table.
    – This facilitates safer patient loading and allows the table to be used for non-X-ray procedures like EUS.

About Omega Medical Imaging LLC
Omega is a US-based, high-tech medical device manufacturer challenging the status quo in the reduction of radiation during interventional medical imaging procedures. The company is the first and only innovator in the design, build, delivery, and support of Artificial Intelligence image-guided systems for hospitals committed to reducing radiation exposure to their physicians, staff, and the patients they serve. Website:


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