Purpose-Built Technology for Advanced Endoscopy

Many leading advanced endoscopists are limited by the technology options available to them. Most do not have a dedicated lab – a dedicated system – and must share an interventional lab with other specialties. This creates real inefficiencies with respect to scheduling patient procedures. It also does not lend itself to having the best technology available as the equipment is often lacking in image quality as well as endoscopy-specific functionality.

Omega is committed to providing interventional endoscopists with state-of-the-art technology that helps them provide better medical care to their patients. Omega has done this by designing and developing a system specific to the needs of image-guided endoscopic procedures.

The Omega E-View.AI is the only lab designed with features exclusively developed for advanced endoscopy. With an integrated C-arm and motorized table built for better patient positioning, scatter radiation protection, and exclusive AI radiation dose reduction the E-View.AI is built for ease of use, functionality, and safety. The E-View.AI is built for the interventional endoscopist and their patient.

Advanced imaging does come with a price as the risks associated with radiation are well documented. The E-View.AI goes beyond merely managing radiation to provide an actual reduction in dose. The result is a groundbreaking solution that provides safer healthcare for both patients and staff.

The E-View.AI delivers consistent and repeatable radiation reduction beyond anything else in use today – far exceeding ALARA goals and any conventional non-AI system. Despite the claims of many manufacturers and despite the misperceptions of many healthcare professionals, not all technology is the same. The E-View.AI is proven to reduce radiation exposure by up to 84%.

Interventional endoscopy cases are often done using a full field of view (FOV) instead of the physician’s actual region of interest (ROI). This exposes the patient to unnecessary radiation and the physician and staff to additional scatter radiation.

During an interventional case, Omega’s unique AI-enabled technology immediately and automatically detects the ROI of the endoscopist. The AI system follows the movement of devices (endoscopes, etc.) to maintain and adjust the ROI. The process is automatic and hands-free – reducing distractions and input requirements from the physician or staff without disrupting workflow while providing superior image quality.

In addition to the AI technology and its proven dose reduction, the E-View is designed with a unique scatter radiation protection to reduce exposure to doctors and staff.

With respect to ergonomics, the E-View.AI is designed with fully configurable elevating monitor booms that deliver strain-free, eye-level viewing. The C-arm and table are intuitive and controlled from a single convenient panel. Independent C-arm and table motions allow for optimal positioning for superior imaging.

As for patient needs, the C-arm of the E-View.AI easily pivots out of the way for better patient access and loading. This also allows the exclusive heavyweight table to be used when fluoro is not needed – providing improved lab functionality. The 10-way motorized table (with 500-pound or 800-pound options and a 30-inch width) is specifically designed for ERCP.

By any measure, the E-View.AI is the new standard of care for interventional endoscopy.

Omega is committed to better patient care and partners with leading physicians and top healthcare providers around the world. Leveraging 30+ years of experience, Omega is disrupting the status quo, helping healthcare partners not just meet, but exceed the quadruple aim.

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