Automatic vs Manual ROI

In a previous article, we wrote about the importance and benefits of using region of interest (ROI) during interventional procedures. ROI technology is proven to substantially reduce patient radiation dose outside of the ROI while maintaining – or improving – image quality within the ROI. But how do you create and maintain that ROI? There are two lines of thought – automatic and manual.

The manual setting and maintaining of an ROI is exactly what you think – you manually define the ROI parameters and as the procedure progresses and your ROI needs change, you manually update the ROI parameters. Obviously, a manual system requires extra steps in your processes and can slow or impede your workflows.

An automatic ROI is just that – automatic. Handsfree. AI-enabled technology immediately and automatically detects the ROI of an interventionalist. The system follows the movement of devices such as guidewires and catheters to maintain and adjust the ROI during a procedure. The process is completely automatic and handsfree. This eliminates the manual input requirements and distractions inherent in manual ROI systems – reducing any disruptions of workflow and allowing the physician to focus on their work and on their patient and not on manually controlling an ROI.

AI-enabled technology detects where in the anatomy an interventionalist is focused and automatically collimates to that ROI with a high-speed secondary collimator. By monitoring the size of the ROI, AI automatically optimizes a dynamic, high-speed secondary collimator that dramatically reduces radiation exposure in the lab. AI does this much faster than what is possible with any manual process. AI and secondary collimation work together to reduce the radiation risk to patient, staff, and physician.

Automatic ROIs require no change in workflow. You step on the pedal and AI does the rest. It works the same for fluoro or cine and provides exceptional image quality.

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