ROI through AI Technology – 20 years of Science

Proving Radiation Reduction with Superior Image Quality is Possible

It’s a throwback Thursday with this blast from the past! All the way back to 1996!

An article in RSNA Imaging & Therapeutic Technology authored by Stephen Rudin, Ph.D. et al., 1996 touted the benefits of using region of interest (ROI) to substantially reduce patient radiation dose outside of the ROI while maintaining – or improving – the image quality within the ROI. This was in 1996!

These ROI concepts and the benefits in dose reduction they represent in interventional imaging for both patient and staff have been published for over 20 years by scientists. Still, no manufacturer of fluoro/interventional systems other than Omega has recognized the importance of ROI and has done something about it.

AI image-guided ROI systems from Omega bring this proven science to reality by dynamically collimating to the ROI leveraging AI, an ultra-fast collimator, and the world’s most advanced image processing.

Omega’s AI image-guided interventional systems validate 20+ years of science – delivering up to 84% additional radiation exposure reduction to patients and staff while achieving superior image quality.

Look at this study from 1996 and other independent clinical studies indexed on Omega’s Clinical Data page. And look at this real-world study comparing an Omega AI image-guided ROI system to a competitor’s non-ROI system and see the dramatic radiation reduction achieved.

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