First AI Image-Guided ERCP Procedure in Minnesota Completed at North Memorial

North Memorial Health Hospital in Robbinsdale, MN (Minneapolis) recently completed the first AI image-guided ERCP procedure in Minnesota. Dr. Yan Bakman of MNGI Digestive Health performed the procedure using a newly installed system. The E-View.AI is the only lab designed with features specifically developed for ERCP and image-guided endoscopic GI procedures.

North Memorial combines knowledge and determination with state-of-the-art equipment. The Hospital, with a commitment to patients needing interventional procedures and specialized care, chose the Omega AI E-View with a dedication to providing the best patient care and staff safety. North Memorial and Dr. Bakman strive to ensure the patient and the entire staff are not receiving unnecessary radiation during their procedures. Dr. Jay A. Hudson and Dr. Sean Stoy use the lab for interventional pulmonary procedures as well.

Omega Medical Imaging provides best in class technology with AI-enabled radiation reduction. AI image guidance dramatically reduces radiation to patients and staff during interventional procedures in GI labs.

The Omega System offers several advantages that conventional IE systems cannot:

  • Automatically reduces radiation exposure to patient and staff by up to 84%
  • Maintains the full field of view (FOV) while delivering the highest level of image quality for the region of interest (ROI)
  • AI detects the doctor’s region of interest – allowing hands-free operation

The AI E-View is specifically designed and engineered for image-guided endoscopic GI procedures:

  • The table and C-configuration are fully integrated and controlled from a single panel – promoting better patient positioning and visualization of ROI for better procedure outcomes
  • 360° scatter radiation protection on the table and the image detector protects both the patient and the staff
  • The C-arm is designed to swing away from the table for safer patient loading and allows the table to be used for non-X-ray procedures such as EUS
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