New Lake Forest Hospital Includes Omega Medical Imaging E-View


Northwestern Medicine recently opened its brand new hospital, Lake Forest Hospital in March of 2018. Committed to delivering world-class medicine to Chicago, Lake Forest opted to outfit their new interventional endoscopy lab with an Omega E-View.AI fluoro system.

Dr Samad Soudagar, the departments therapeutic endoscopist, performs multiple advanced endoscopic procedures in the new lab. These include, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), endoluminal stent placement, and endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) techniques.

Ideal for fluoro and non fluoro cases, the Omega E-View.AI is the only fluoro system on the market that is built exclusively to the needs of interventional endoscopy.  The Omega E-View is an excellent choice for any endoscopy program looking to offer advanced interventional procedures to their patients. The E-View offers users and staff many unique features which include:

  • Exclusive Scatter Radiation Protection
    • 360-degree lead shielding on the flat panel
    • Lead shielding on the head end of the table, below the patient
  • A Fixed C-Arm That Fully Pivots Away from the Table
    • Allows for full access to patients in an emergency
    • Ease of of loading
    • Use during non fluoro procedures
  • ERCP Specific Table
    • 500lb weight limit
    • 27 inch wide table top
    • 10-directional table top
  • An Integrated C-arm and Table
    • Move independent of one another allowing greater visibility of superimposed ducts and stones.

Omega Medical Imaging is a fluoroscopic imaging manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida. Omega designs and manufactures interventional fluoro systems specifically for Therapuestic Endoscopy and Interventional Cardiology.

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