Omega Medical a Silver Sponsor at the 2nd Annual Orlando EUS Event

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August 18, 2014

Find out what leading IE’s are using for Fluoroscopic Imaging.

Join Omega Medical Imaging at the 2nd Annual Orlando Live EUS Event September 3rd-5th at Florida Hospitals Nicholson Center in Orlando FL.
Lead by renowned physicians Dr. R. Hawes, Dr. S. Varadarajulu, Dr. M. Hasan, and Dr. S. Hebert-Magee, the course is designed to provide participants a comprehensive education in Endosonography.

A proud sponsor of the event, Omega Medical will be available to discuss the gold standard in IE imaging, the e-view MP.

The e-view MP is ONLY fluoroscopic system in the world designed from the ground up for ERCP procedures.
Its unique features serve top performing therapeutic endoscopists, such as Florida Hospital’s Dr. Hawes, committed to providing the highest level of care and safety.

• Exclusive above & below the table Scatter Radiation Protection for physician and staff
• 10-way fully motorized ERCP table for Precise Patient Positioning and Imaging, with 800lbs capacity
• Fully Motorized/integrated C-arm and table for Best in Class Visualization of wires, bile ducts, cannulation and other manipulations during ERCP
• C-arm pivots out of the way for Full 360 Patient Access use for non-X-ray procedures
• Full 90° lateral for Expanded Procedure Portfolio

About Omega Medical Imaging
Since 1991, our engineers, designers, craftsmen and technicians at Omega Medical Imaging have been building the most reliable and technically advanced fluoroscopic C-arm imaging systems for Interventional Endoscopy and Cardiology. We’re the only manufacturer in the world who specializes in fluoroscopic systems designed from the ground up for special therapeutic procedures. Our list of growing references includes prestigious physicians, healthcare systems, and providers around the world. We deliver high quality, performance, flexibility, ease-of-use, and cost effective solutions.

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