Loyola Medical Center Benefits from New Imaging System from Omega Medical Imaging

photo-3The E-View.AI imaging system is installed in the Loyola Medical Center interventional endoscopy unit, which includes a team of physicians, registered nurses, dieticians, and pharmacists. They diagnose and treat many conditions, avoiding the need for more invasive procedures that can lead to long recovery times for patients. Using techniques such as ERCP, EUS, and stent replacement, the team needed a system that catered to their specific requirements. The E-View.AI imaging system met their needs perfectly.

The E-View.AI is the only fully integrated, dedicated X-ray imaging solution for ERCP and image-guided endoscopic procedures. Unlike general diagnostic imaging systems, the E-View.AI by Omega Medical offers features optimized specifically for guidance in ERCP and GI procedures.

  • Unique shielding above and below the table protects staff from harmful scatter radiation.
  • Fully motorized C-arm and table, for enhanced image quality and duct drainage
  • 800lbs capacity extra wide table to accommodate larger patients
  • C-arm swings 360° providing full access to the patient

The e-view™ is a complete system including C-arm, patient table, imaging system, and display module, fully integrated to provide optimum clinical results and financial value.

Mikron Digital Imaging, Omega Medical Imaging’s dealer in Livonia, MI coordinated the sale and installation of the system.

Click Here To Learn More About The E-View.AI.

Omega Medical Imaging is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of GI, Cardiovascular, and EP Imaging Systems of the highest quality. Our technology is state of the art, yet refined and the choice of the top interventional doctors in their field.  Our goal is to meet and exceed the needs of the doctors we serve allowing them to deliver optimal patient care at lower cost.  Since the company’s inception in 1990, its mission has been to deliver high-quality technology imaging systems at cost-effective prices. Omega’s products continue to uphold those original values. System reliability and high performance are the hallmark characteristics of our commitment to quality.

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