Lowering Radiation Exposure during ERCP

In an article in the GIE Journal, 2010, there was a direct correlation between the annual volume of ERCPs performed and the amount of fluoroscopy times required to complete these procedures.

The study showed that endoscopists who performed <100 ERCPs in the preceding years needed approximately twice the fluoroscopy time compared to those physicians who had more than 200 ERCPs in the prior year.

The journal suggested that to reduce patient radiation exposure, the clinician should limit the number of digital spots, use a lower pulse mode, lower MAG modes (this study was done on image intensified systems), improve collimation, and position patients as far away from the x-ray beam and as close to the image receptor as possible.

This study does not mention the amount of scatter radiation that the clinician would get, and the long-term effects of having to wear heavy lead aprons.

Best In Class Scatter Radiation Protection

So how does the e-View address these concerns? Omega Medical Imaging designed the e-View specifically for ERCP x-ray imaging. Our generator pulse rate is as low as 3 pulse/second, our table elevates to take the patient away from the x-ray beam and give the endoscopist a comfortable working position, and our image receptor has a variable SID, meaning it can lower itself to be as close as possible to the patient.

Protecting the patient from radiation is important, and so is protecting the physician and staff that are all present during the ERCP, which can include anesthesiologists, nurses, radiographic technologists, and others. Our unique shielding around the image receptor and table practically eliminates scatter radiation, as well as reduces the strain of wearing heavy lead aprons.

Contact Omega Medical Imaging today to learn more about how to reduce your dose during interventional endoscopy procedures like ERCP.

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