University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Latest Facility to Add e-View

Omega Medical Imaging is honored to announce University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center at Case Western Reserve University is the latest facility to expand their advanced endoscopy program with an Omega e-View. University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center has been affiliated with the medical school from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine since 1895 and focuses on quality, patient-centered healthcare. University Hospitals consists of an 18-hospital network, UH Cleveland Medical Center is the flagship hospital of the University Hospitals system and houses both medical and research facilities. UH Cleveland Medical Center is a 1, 032-bed tertiary care medical center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio and contains some of the foremost healthcare institutes in the United States. The Digestive Health Institute at University Hospitals is ranked as one of the best in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. The superlative staff at the Digestive Health Institute have access to the Omega e-View for performing therapeutic and advanced endoscopic procedures. Some of the staff that will be using the Omega e-View include gastroenterologists: Dr. Amitabh Chak, Dr. Ashely Faulx, Dr. Brooke Glessing, Dr. Gerard Isenberg, Dr. John Dumot, Dr. Richard Wong, and Dr. Meer Ali and general surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Marks.


The Omega e-View is the sole fluoroscopy system built specifically from the ground-up with the advanced therapeutic endoscopist in mind. Due to its specific design, the e-View boasts some features not seen with the competition:

  • 10-way powered table with movements to facilitate duct drainage and filling
  • Lead draping around the flat-panel and around table to reduce scatter radiation to staff
  • Ability to have 360-degree access to patient
  • Smallest footprint of any fixed system and fast installation time

Omega Medical Imaging is a fluoroscopic imaging manufacturer based out of Sanford, FL where they design and manufacture world-class equipment for therapeutic endoscopy and cardiology. Founded in 1991, Omega has been committed to bringing quality, American-made fluoroscopy equipment to healthcare professionals for over 20 years.

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