Parkview Regional in Indiana Adds AI Technology to Advanced Endoscopy Lab

Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana recently upgraded an existing endoscopy lab with innovative AI technology that dramatically reduces radiation exposure to patients and staff during interventional GI procedures.

Parkview Health is a not-for-profit, community-based health system that serves northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. Parkview celebrates a heritage of care and compassion in serving their communities. Their vision is to put their patients and staff at the center of everything they do. Parkview Health is a leader in research, innovation, and education.

Parkview Regional Medical Center features state-of-the-art care, advanced medical specialties, and amazing new technologies. The interventional endoscopy program at Parkview has continued to grow under the leadership of Dr. Neil Sharma, the Director of Advanced Interventional Endoscopy & Endoscopic Oncology.

The Parkview IE program performs over 1000 ERCPs a year. Continued growth led the program to upgrade an existing endoscopy lab with the latest advanced AI technology.

In 2020, Parkview installed an Omega E-View.AI – their second Omega system. In fact, they were one of the first programs in the world to incorporate the radiation-saving technology of AI-enabled image-guided systems – fitting to Parkview’s history of being a leader in innovation. That was two years and they’ve seen the benefit of radiation reduction to their patients and staff. So much so that Parkview upgraded its previous E-View system to include the newest AI technology.

As the most advanced interventional equipment available, the Omega E-View.AI is the only ERCP fluoro system proven to reduce radiation exposure by up to 84%.

The E-View.AI offers several advantages that conventional IE systems cannot:

  • AI detects the doctor’s region of interest – allowing for hands-free operation
  • Maintains the full field of view (FOV) while delivering the highest level of image quality for the region of interest (ROI)
  • Automatically reduces radiation exposure to patients and staff by up to 84%

In addition to its radiation-reducing technology, the E-View.AI is the only lab designed with features specifically developed for ERCP and image-guided endoscopic procedures.

  • ERCP motorized table for better patient positioning
  • Large field-of-view flat-panel detector offers superior image quality
  • Exclusive scatter radiation protection for staff
  • Pivots out of the way for full patient access and for non-X-ray procedures

With the AI-enabled technology of the E-View, Parkview Regional Medical Center continues its focus on their patients and staff with true radiation protection and superior imaging.

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