Northside Hospital in Atlanta Adds Leading-Edge Technology to Endoscopy Center

Northside Hospital GI
November 14, 2022

Northside Hospital in Atlanta recently added the latest in fluoro system technology to their Advanced Center for GI Therapeutics. Designed specifically for endoscopic procedures, the E-View.AI from Omega is the only image-guided fluoro system proven to reduce radiation exposure by up to 84%.

Northside Hospital is committed to the health and wellness of its community. They dedicate themselves to being a center of excellence in providing high-quality healthcare. Northside embraces leading-edge technology, but it’s not just advanced technology that makes the Hospital special. Innovation is at their core – innovation in equipment, innovation in processes and techniques, and innovation in thinking. All with the goal of improving outcomes for their patients.

The E-View.AI is the only lab designed with features specifically developed for advanced endoscopic procedures.

  • ERCP motorized table for better patient positioning
  • Large field-of-view flat-panel detector offers superior image quality
  • Exclusive scatter radiation protection for staff
  • Pivots out of the way for full patient access and for non-X-ray procedures

The Omega E-View.AI also offers several advantages that conventional systems cannot:

  • AI detects the physician’s region of interest – allowing for hands-free operation
  • Maintains the full field of view (FOV) while delivering the highest level of image quality for the region of interest (ROI)
  • Automatically reduces radiation exposure to patients and staff by up to 84%

Serving Georgians for over 50 years, Northside is more than a community hospital – they are a regional resource for innovation. With the most advanced technology available – like the E-View.AI – Northside Hospital continues to improve and transform the health and wellness of Georgia.

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