Omega Launches New Website

Screen-Shot-2012-11-20-at-5.06.57-PM-300x159Omega Medical Imaging is excited to launch their new website. With significant growth and expansion over the past few years… OMI has become a prominent manufacturer in the medical imaging industry. Please take a moment and look at our new website. Since 1991 in Sanford Fl, USA, Omega Medical Imaging engineers, designers, craftsmen and technicians have been building the most reliable and technically advanced X-ray C-Arm imaging systems for Cardiology and Interventional Endoscopy. We are the only manufacture in the world that specializes in fluoroscopic systems designed from the ground up for special therapeutic procedures (ERCP, Cardiovascular, Electrophysiology). As evidenced by our growing reference list of prestigious doctors and intuitions around. We are known for high quality & performance, flexibility, ease of use and cost effective solutions.

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