Covenant Medical Center latest to add Omega’s CS-50 e-view

Covenant Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas is the most recent facility to join the ever-growing list of Omega Medical Imaging customers. Covenant Medical Center is a 525 bed hospital in Lubbock, Texas with over 250 multi-specialty physicians. Covenant Medical Center is part of the Covenant Network which serves West Texas and New Mexico. It has been operating for over 100 years and is the region’s first and only Accountable Care Organization (ACO). There are several independent therapeutic endoscopists that will be using Covenant’s Omega e-View: Dr. Elias Ghandour, Dr. Houssam Al-Kharrat, Dr. Kumarapillai Narendran, Dr. Justin McCarthy, and Dr. William Shaver. Dr. Kelly Kensing, Dr. Timothy Miller, Dr. Boyd Fenton, Dr. Steven Block, Dr. Ted Phipps, Dr. Miled Jabor and Dr. Usha Ganga are part of the Lubbock Digestive Disease Associates.

The Omega e-View is exclusively engineered and manufactured to enhance image-guided advanced therapeutic endoscopy. Omega boasts various exclusive advantages over comparable products from competitors. Some of these Omega-exclusive advantages are:

  • PB090276-300x169Scatter radiation protection on the image detector and table that protects BOTH staff and patient
  • Independent fixed C-arm and table with 10-way motorization with: elevation, longitudinal, transverse, tilt, and cradle movements.
    • Table with standard 500-lb weight limit, with 800-lb limit available
    • C-arm that fully pivots against wall, allowing 360-degree patient access
  • Intuitive controls designed to support you during complicated procedures
  • Fastest installation time

Omega Medical Imaging is based in Sanford, Florida where design and manufacture of their world-class fluoroscopy systems occurs. Omega is committed to quality, competitive cost, and facilitating improvement of care for patients. The Omega e-View is the sole fluoroscopy system designed and manufactured specifically for the field of advanced therapeutic endoscopy. Contact Omega Medical Imaging today to learn more about our state-of-the-art e-View and how they can heighten your medical practice.

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