Building Imaging Equipment For A Heavier Patient Population

heavy lift table bariatric testingThe US and global population is getting heavier, and according to the World Health Organization, worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. With the upsurge in the obese population and bariatric surgeries that hospitals have experienced in the last 18 months, equipment manufacturers like Omega Medical Imaging have started redesigning and catering to the needs of the expanding population of these patients, and the facilities that serve them.

Our new extra-wide, bariatric heavy lift table is was designed from the ground up to help serve these patients. Our table capacity blew through our initial estimates of 700 lbs, and is now certified for 800 lbs! So how does a table get a certification for a specific weight capacity? Part of the testing for weight capacity requires the table to overcome four (4) times the amount being tested for; at 800 lbs, the heavy lift table was able to withstand 3200 lbs!

Does your facility have the necessary imaging equipment to serve the bariatric population? How do you handle obese patients and the procedures they require? If you are performing any advanced endoscopic procedures, pain management, or arthroscopies on this patient population, Omega Medical Imaging is here to help!

Note: Omega Medical Imaging’s heavy lift table is designed for a patient weight capacity of 800 lbs. Testing was done at Omega Medical Imaging’s factory under strict supervision with proper safety precautions in place.

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