Another Hospital Adds the Omega E-View to Their IE Program

“I find the imaging from the Omega system to be fantastic. It is particularly useful in complex cases involving hilar biliary strictures, evaluation of PSC with identification of subtle strictures, as well as enteric stenting cases. Moreover, the system is easy to use, capable of recording cases for educational purposes, and can be controlled by the endoscopist during the case. I truly believe that the Omega E-View system is the premier digital fluoroscopic imaging system designed to meet our current and future needs as Advanced, Therapeutic Endoscopists.  I would highly recommend this system to anyone contemplating performing these interventional cases.” Dr. Abhitabh Patil- Advanced, Therapeutic Endoscopist

Dr. Abhitabh Patil, is known nationally for his expertise in advanced therapeutic endoscopy and specializes in interventional gastroenterology, pioneering many innovative endoscopic techniques. He and his interventional team at St Anthony’s Hospital, chose the Omega E-View MP fixed fluoro system for its high-quality imaging and unique features which are specific to the needs of interventional endoscopists performing complex endoscopic procedures.

St. Anthony’s Hospital, a 393-bed hospital, located in scenic downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, opened their new state-of-the-art therapeutic endoscopy suite this November. Making them the third hospital in Florida utilizing the exclusive  Omega e-View.

Dr. Patil and the team at St Anthony’s will benefit from the following unique features an Omega E-View offers:

  • St-Anthony-08-17-300x225 A large “C” arm which allows for full lateral imaging
  •  Exclusive lead shielding around the flat panel and the table reducing harmful scatter radiation to physician & staff
  •  A 10-way motorized table with a weight limit of 500 lbs. (800 lbs. avail)
  •  Fully motorized C and table, beneficial to duct drainage/filling and greater anatomy visibility
  •  360-degree access to the table/patient
  •  Fastest installation time of any interventional product

The E-View is an American-made product designed, engineered, and manufactured in Sanford, Florida. Omega Medical Imaging has been committed to producing the highest-quality GI and Cardiac fluoro systems for over 25 years!

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