AI Image-Guided Therapy Systems Reduce Radiation Exposure During Cardiac Device Implantation

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August 27, 2020

The field of electrophysiology has led the way in radiation reduction methods during procedures performed, especially with the introduction of electromagnetic mapping systems. However, the use of fluoroscopy during cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), in addition to device implantations, is still an integral part of electrophysiology practice, even more so as cardiac resynchronization therapies become greater in complexity. Bru et al. (2019) note that even though there is still little radiation used during these procedures, efforts should still be in place to follow the, as low as reasonably achievable, principle.

According to this study, there is almost a 5-fold increase in radiation exposure when comparing dose area product (DAP) during dual-chamber implantation (150 cGy*cm2) to DAP during CRT (1410 cGy*cm2) (Bru et al). As cardiac resynchronization becomes more complex, the procedure times at which a patient is exposed increase correspondingly. Therefore, as CRT case frequency increases, so will the need for radiation reduction.

“In this respect, it seems that the use of collimation is not yet fully widespread, although it is recommended” – Bru et al.

That is, collimation is by far the most efficient means when it comes to reducing radiation, however, the act of manual collimation is time-consuming and reduces the full field of view necessary for the procedures. By introducing an automatic secondary collimator guided by artificial intelligence (AI), Omega Medical Imaging reduces the burden of manual collimation from the physician while still maintaining the radiation reduction benefits of collimating down. More so, automatic secondary collimation does not sacrifice the full field of view, meaning that there is no loss of critical peripheral anatomy, therefore significantly `increasing both safety for the patient and doctor, while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

Click Here for Study: AI Image-Guided Therapy Systems Reduce Radiation Exposure During Cardiac Device Implantation

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