Omega to Sponsor Advent Health 6th Annual Orlando Live EUS 2019


Join Omega Medical Imaging at the 6th Annual Orlando LIVE EUS on August 28-30, 2019 at the Advent Health Nicholson Center. This year’s event is being led by world-renowned therapeutic endoscopists Dr. Shayam Varadarajulu and Dr. Robert Hawes. The purpose of this event is to provide participants a comprehensive learning experience of Endosonography. Procedures will be demonstrated using the “station-based” approach for identification of normal structures and pathology using both the radial and linear array echoendoscopes. From the ERCP, EUS, Resections, Third Space Endoscopy, and Advanced Interventions demonstrations performed by the world’s very best to the state of the art, hands-on skills labs to sharpen participant’s endoscopic techniques, Orlando EUS LIVE EUS offers something for everyone.

As a sponsor of the event, Omega Medical Imaging will be showcasing the E-View, the gold standard of ERCP Fluoro systems. The Omega E-View is the only fluoroscopy system on the market specifically designed for special therapeutic ERCP/IE procedures.

Some of Omega Medical Imaging’s exclusive benefits include:Screenshot-64

  • Exclusive 360-degree lead shielding around the image detector (above the table), as well as on three sides below the table at the head end; protecting physicians and staff from the dangerous cumulative effects of scatter radiation.
  • A Fixed C-Arm that pivots 360 degrees out of the way for unrestricted patient access in emergencies, easy patient loading, and non-fluoro studies like EUS.
  • Our 10- Way Motorized ERCP Table has a weight limit of 500lbs, and a 27” wide, extra-long 99” tabletop, providing easier patient loading and positioning. The E-View offers a unique configuration that allows the patient’s head to be on the right (ideal for IE procedures), whereas traditional tables position patients for angiographic procedures (head on left).
    • Optional: Bariatric Table Capable of Treating Patients up to 800lbs.
  • Fully motorized/integrated C-arm and table with independent motions for ease of duct draining/filling, superior imaging of superimposed ducts, and support during complicated procedures.
    • Optional: Full Lateral C-arm with Extra Wide Arc Allow for an Expanded Procedure Portfolio
  • Integrated ergonomic monitor boom, large screen medical-grade monitors, and video management system.

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About Advent Health CIE


The Center for Interventional Endoscopy (CIE) was created to effectively integrate therapeutic endoscopy with minimally invasive surgery to provide state-of-the-art care for patients with complex digestive disease problems. Our mission is to foster cutting-edge clinical research and train the next generation of endoscopists and minimally invasive surgeons. The Center for Interventional Endoscopy (CIE) serves as a regional, national and international referral center for patients who may benefit from advanced endoscopic interventions. The center is staffed by a team of internationally renowned endoscopists who have extensive experience in the management of complex digestive disorders.

For a detailed report on patient referrals, procedures, current research, publications, educational initiatives, and other resources please click below to download a copy of the CIE Annual Report for 2018.

About Omega Medical Imaging

Since 1991 Omega’s engineers, designers, craftsmen, and technicians have been building the most reliable and technically advanced Fluoroscopy imaging systems for Interventional Cardiology, IR, and Interventional Endoscopy.  Omega is the only manufacturer in the world that specializes in systems designed from the ground up for special therapeutic procedures. Our list of growing references includes prestigious physicians, healthcare systems, and providers around the world.

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