Abbott Northwestern Adds Innovative Fluoro System to Their State-of-the-Art Endoscopy Program

Abbott Endoscopy Procedure
October 10, 2022

The Center for Advanced Endoscopy at Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis recently built a new lab centered around the Omega E-View.AI. The E-View.AI is the only lab designed with features specifically developed for ERCP and image-guided endoscopic procedures.

As the largest private hospital in the Twin Cities, Abbott Northwestern is nationally and locally recognized for its exceptional expertise and care. The Hospital has a long and proud history as a healthcare provider and innovator in Minneapolis.

The doctors and staff at the Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Center for Advanced Endoscopy provide advanced endoscopic care that is focused on each individual patient’s needs. With continued research, advanced technologies, the latest procedures and practices, and a state-of-the-art facility, the Center ensures its patients receive the most leading-edge care possible.

Abbott Endoscopy Lab

The Omega E-View.AI offers several advantages that conventional IE systems cannot:

  • AI detects the doctor’s region of interest – allowing for hands-free operation
  • Maintains the full field of view (FOV) while delivering the highest level of image quality for the region of interest (ROI)
  • Automatically reduces radiation exposure to patients and staff by up to 84%

Dr Rossi Abbott Northwestern

With a history of innovation, the Center for Advanced Endoscopy at Abbott Northwestern leads the way in patient care in the Twin Cities and throughout the Upper Midwest. With the state-of-the-art E-View.AI from Omega, the Center sets a new standard of care for radiation safety for its patients.

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