Leading Denmark Hospital Selects the e-view

 Aarhus University Hospital equipped with first e-view in Europe

The Endoscopy Unit at Aarhus University Hospital is one of the leading departments in gastrointestinal endoscopy in Europe. Positioned at the forefront of interventional endoscopy the unit is well known for their substantial research activities focused within three main areas: diseases of the liver, pancreas and biliary tree (HPB), malignant diseases of the esophagus and stomach as well as endoscopic research.

Leading the advanced medical unit is cutting edge physician, Dr. Rastislav Kunda, MD, FASGE. Dr Kunda and his team perform a wide range of advanced procedures in the treatment of diseases affecting the liver, pancreas and biliary tree. Among them are Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatographies (ERCPs) as well as interventional therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) procedures which account for a large percentage of the treatments that are performed in Dr Kunda’s endo unit.
Averaging 1200 ERCP and advanced therapeutic procedures a year, Dr Kunda and his team needed a solution that delivered results that measured up to their high standard of care.

The Omega Medical e-view fluoro imaging system is the only fully integrated, dedicated x-ray imaging solution for ERCP and Image guided endoscopic procedures. Unlike general diagnostic imaging systems, the e-view offers features optimized specifically for guidance in ERCP and GI procedures.

• Unique  lead shielding above and below the table protects staff from harmful scatter radiation.
• Fully motorized C-arm and table, for enhanced image quality and duct drainage
• 800lbs capacity extra wide table to accommodate larger patients
• C-arm swings providing full 360° access to the patient

The e-view is a complete system including C-arm, patient table, imaging system, and display module, fully integrated to provide optimum clinical results and financial value.



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