The IE Program at Northside Hospital Adds State of the Art ERCP Room


In 2014,  Northside Hospital in Atlanta had a featured article published in highlighting their new top of the line Omega ERCP Room signifying their undeniable commitment to advancing the field of therapeutic endoscopy.

Omega Medical Imaging is proud to announce that only five years later efforts to expand their reach of care once again includes the Omega E-View System.

The IE program at Northside Hospital in Atlanta has been continually recognized by the ASGE for promoting quality and safety in gastrointestinal endoscopy. Lead by Chief Gastroenterologist Dr Girish Anand, the Center offers a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of GI conditions. Both rooms are optimized to perform complex therapies like Balloon Enteroscopy, Wireless Video Capsule Endoscopy, #ERCP, #EUS, and #EMR all in one place.

Congrats to the entire Northside GI team.

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