Omega Medical Imaging and Stereotaxis

Omega Introduced as Premier Imaging Partner of Stereotaxis

Stereotaxis Genesis RMN is being launched concurrently with Stereotaxis Imaging Model S as an integrated complete solution for a robotic interventional operating room.

Stereotaxis Imaging Model S is a single-plane full-power X-ray system designed to be specifically available with the Genesis RMN system. It includes the c-arm, powered table, motorized boom, and large high definition monitors.

Developed in collaboration with Omega Medical Imaging, Stereotaxis Imaging incorporates modern fluoroscopy technology designed to support high quality imaging while minimizing radiation exposure for patients and physicians. The combination of Genesis RMN with Stereotaxis Imaging in a tightly integrated fashion significantly reduces the cost of acquisition, the ongoing cost of ownership, and the complexity of installation of a robotic electrophysiology practice.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Omega Medical Imaging and I want to thank them for making the vision of a complete robotic electrophysiology lab a reality,”
– David Fischel, Chairman and CEO of Stereotaxis

  • Innovative robotic surgery system, Stereotaxis Genesis™ RMN, enriches robotic magnetic navigation with increased efficiency, reduced size, and enhanced lab experience.
  • Genesis RMN System to be available in combination with Stereotaxis Imaging Model S, a next-generation X-ray system offered as part of a complete robotic electrophysiology lab solution.
  • Combined technologies greatly enhance the accessibility and affordability of robotics in electrophysiology.

“Omega Medical Imaging prides itself on a long-standing commitment to providing the most reliable and technically advanced interventional imaging systems that put patient and staff safety at the forefront. We are excited to partner with Stereotaxis to advance the future of electrophysiology,”
– Brian Fleming, President and CEO of Omega Medical Imaging