Reduces Dose Area Product During Interventional Procedures

Integrated within our artificial intelligence image guided systems is FluoroShield™, the only system available cleared to reduce dose during image guided therapy procedures.

Powered by AI, a ultra-fast secondary TruBlock™ collimator, and the world’s most advanced image processing, our AI image guided systems have shown to reduce radiation by up to ~84%*.

FluoroShield™ Radiation Reduction:

Utilizes AI to minimize X-ray dose to patients and staff, Uses our TruBlock™ technology to completely block radiation, Delivers maximum radiation reduction, while optimizing workflow, Achieves NextLevel image quality, Seamlessly helps you reach your ALARA goals.

How it Works

  • During an interventional case FluoroShield’s™ AI enabled technology detects where in the anatomy the interventionalist is focused, the Region of Interest (ROI).
  • Utilizing AI, the system automatically collimates to the ROI, only taking full Field of View (FOV) images every so many frames.
  • Through advanced image processing the system simultaneously and seamlessly integrates the ROI with the FOV image
The resulting imagery reduces radiation exposure to the anatomy surrounding the ROI while increasing the quality of information presented during interventional procedures.

The Omega FluoroShield™ system allows interventionalists to maintain the critical view of the peripheral anatomy awhile drastically reducing their patient’s exposure to ionizing radiation.

The advantages are immediately obvious – superior image quality, and lower radiation exposure to patients and to staff.