Omega E-view Installed at Franciscan St. Francis in Indianapolis, IN

Franciscan St. Francis in Indianapolis, Indiana is that most recent organization to install the Omega e-view. St. Francis Indianapolis is a 485-bed hospital in the center of downtown Indianapolis. It is part of the Franciscan Alliance of 13 hospitals that serve communities in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

P8180186-300x222There will be 6 gastroenterologists using the e-view, with the lead endoscopist being Dr. Lucas Drake, MD. Dr. Drake is a published academic having written papers while still in residency about nutrition and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and gastrointestinal illness. All six gastroenterologists practice at Indianapolis Gastroenterology and Hepatology and perform procedures at the Endoscopy Center at St. Francis. These gastroenterologists are: Dr. Frank Troiano, MD, Dr. E. David Brown, MD, Dr. Michael Morelli MD, CPE, FACG, Dr. Shan Cheng, MD, and Dr. Jason Roberts, MD.

Omega Medical Imaging’s e-view is the only fluoroscopy system designed, engineered, and built from the ground up for interventional endoscopy. The Omega e-view offers many advantages to practitioners in need of a fixed fluoroscopy system, some of these advantages are:

  • Ability to have 360-degree access to patients
  • Complete shielding of patient to reduce scatter radiation
  • Fastest install time (less downtime)
  • 10 way moveable tabletop and motorized C-arm allowing duct drainage and filling and higher image quality
  • Ceiling-mounted monitor suspension
  • Smaller footprint than competitors
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

Omega Medical Imaging is located in Sanford, FL where the Omega e-view was designed and is built for every order. Omega is committed to excellence and quality; bringing the most advanced fixed C-arm to market today specifically designed with the therapeutic endoscopist in mind. The Omega e-view was designed to not only be the best in its class, but also to have lowest total cost of ownership and ease-of-use in order to support a practice’s efficiency and lower costs.

Alpha Imaging was Omega’s partner for sale and installation of the e-view at St. Francis Indianapolis. Alpha Imaging is a distributor of medical imaging equipment located in Willoughby, Ohio. Alpha Imaging carries equipment used for: mammography, CT scans, electrophysiology imaging, bariatric and angiographic systems, fluoroscopy, and x-ray and retails in the New England area.

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