Omega e-view Installed at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY

August 5, 2016

Jewish Hospital is the latest institution choosing to advance their interventional endoscopy program through the incorporation of the Omega e-view fluoroscopy system. Jewish Hospital is a 462-bed tertiary care center located in the heart of downtown Louisville, Kentucky. The lead therapeutic endoscopist at Jewish Hospital is gastroenterologist Dr. William B. Evans who performs ERCP, upper GI endoscopy, and endoscopic ultrasound procedures using the Omega e-view. Additionally the Omega e-view will be used by gastroenterologists Dr. Whitney Jones and Dr. Raja Kaikus, and pulmonologist Dr. Allan Ramirez to perform bronchoscopies.

The Omega e-view is the sole fluoroscopy system specifically engineered and built for image guided endoscopic and GI procedures. The e-view is the benchmark when it comes to ERCP fluoroscopic systems and offers copious advantages over comparable products. Some of these advantages are:

• Lowest total cost of ownership and installation costs
• Fastest install time
• Intuitive controls that allow for minimal staff/practitioner training
• Unique lead shielding designed to minimize scatter radiation
• Fully motorized C-arm and table, conducive to duct drainage/filling and higher image quality
• 500 lb. table capacity (up to 800 lbs. capacity available)

Omega Medical Imaging is committed to bringing the most advanced fixed C-arm and table to market specifically engineered for ERCP procedures and guided endoscopy. Our fixed C-arm fully pivots out of the way to allow 360-degree access to the patient and unparalleled sight flexibility. Omega is committed to quality and strives to not only meet customer expectations, but to exceed them so that your practice may advance patient care while lowering operation costs and fostering efficiency.

Alpha Imaging partnered with Omega Medical Imaging for the sale and installation of the Omega e-view. Alpha Imaging is a dealer and distributor for medical imaging equipment located in Willoughby, Ohio. They carry an array of products in addition to fluoroscopic imaging equipment, which includes products used for: radiography, mammography, angiography, and electrophysiology. They provide equipment for the tri-state and areas.

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