Medical Grade High Resolution Large Display Systems

Large Display Systems designed for Operating Rooms, Cath labs, EP Labs, Hybrid Labs & Surgical Centers

As a certified nationwide EIZO partner, Omega offers EIZO’s complete spectrum of RadiForce medical monitor solutions that deliver exceptional accurate and stable image display at leading hospitals around the world. Omega can customize Large Display, Video Management, Monitor Booms & Stands to meet your requirements. We have the expertise to design, build and install Large monitor systems for new rooms AND upgrade existing rooms. We specialize in multi-vendor upgrades and integration.

Omega teamed up with EIZO to deliver the ultimate in high performance and cost effective Large Monitor solutions for:

  • Surgical Centers
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Operation Room
  • Control Room

EIZO Large Displays and Systems


Large Screen Display

LX600W RadiForce LX600W, 8 mega pixel(3840 x 2160), 60 inch Wide, Color LCD Display with accessories.  
LS580W RadiForce LS580W, 8 mega pixel(3840 x 2160), 58 inch Wide, Color LCD Display with accessories.  

Large Screen Manager

LMM56800 Large Monitor Manager for RadiForce LS580W / LX600W, 27 inputs, 27 simultaneous windows  
LMM0804 Large Monitor Manager for up to 5 display outputs Typical 1920×1200), 8 signal inputs, USB KVM up to 8 PCs.  
LMM0802 Large Monitor Manager for 2 x 4MP display outputs, 8 signal inputs, USB KVM up to 8 PCs.  

EIZO Accessories


Signal Splitter, Scaler/Analog Signal Converter

PDS0800-HD Dual Link DV Splitter including scaler HD output  
FDL0000-QL Brackets for TDL0000-DL, Only compatible with LMM56800 1E-27(Previous version) and LS560W.  
PDC0100 Analog-DVI Converter  
FPP5800 Protection glass for LS580W/LS560W