AI Image-Guided
Cardiology Systems

Comparison of radiation profiles between AI and non-AI cardiac x-ray systems

Conclusion: In all modes of acquisition at varying frame rates, there is significant reduction in radiation when comparing the Omega AI image-guided x-ray system to competitors

Radiation profiles charts

Elevate your program to the next level of dose reduction and safety

AI Dose Reduction – A New Era

Our unique, hands-free, AI neural network automatically detects the region of interest by identifying key movement from catheters, contrast, leads, stents and balloons.

Powered by AI, an ultra-fast Trublock™ secondary collimator, and the world’s most advanced image processing, the FluoroShield™ radiation reduction system is integrated within all our AI image guided solutions.

AI image guidance systems have shown to reduce dose by up to ~84%, reducing radiation exposure to patients and staff far beyond any other system available.

*Based on dose area studies using FluoroShield™ technology. Actual results may vary.

Superior Image Quality

Our latest flat panel and unique integrated AI technology delivers the highest resolution imagery with the lowest dose, allowing for precision, innovation and consistent excellence.

*Availability may vary pending regional regulatory requirements.

Integrated Multi-Display Solutions

Large, 4k UHD medical displays, with configurable multi-input video manager options, and customized video integration services

Optimizing Space Efficiency

Our cardiac labs require less square footage; saving thousands in construction and/or renovation costs and freeing up space for other modalities.

Ergonomically designed for streamlined workflow allowing you the achieved full panning and elevation control.

Strategic Implementations

  • Custom system designs save on average 30 - 40% in room preparation, construction and renovation costs.
  • 7Require less square footage.
  • .Free up space for other modalities.

    High Performance OEM Service Support

    Our unparalleled service and support delivers industry leading response times to provide you with optimal system performance so you can minimize downtime and better care for the patients you serve.