Interventional Endoscopy


The e-view and e-view MP Fluoro System

The Only Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems Designed for GI & ERCP Procedures

Omega Medical Imaging is the only manufacturer in the world who specializes in fluoroscopic systems designed from the ground up for ERCP procedures. 

X-ray imaging for GI/ERCP and Image Guided Endoscopic and GI Procedures

From the integrated C-arm, table and imaging system to top of the line scatter radiation protection – Omega e-view and e-view MP fluoroscopy systems are about ease of use, integration and safety. 

Our focus is to continually promote and advance the practice of interventional endoscopy through cutting edge, cost effective, diagnostic and treatment therapies to achieve better medical outcomes. 

  • Fully configurable, elevating monitor booms deliver strain-free, eye-level viewing
  • Exclusive above-the-table flat panel and under-table lead shielding provide an added level of radiation protection to you and your team
  • The specially-designed tables allow better patient positioning and are height-adjustable
  • Shock-absorbing floor mats offer physicians, nurses and technicians comfort and flexibility
  • Powered C-arm and table move where you want them to, providing unlimited sight flexibility to deliver therapy
  • Exclusive 800-pound capacity table (with extra width) accommodates all patient shapes and sizes
  • When fluoro is not needed, the C-arm swings completely out of the way for full patient access
  • All of this allows for seamless, patient-focused care. 

The Omega e-view: The Gold Standard for ERCP Fluoro Systems

Powerful | Compact | Cost Effective | Protective | Easy to Use

  • Exclusive Scatter Radiation Protection
  • 10- way ERCP Motorized Table for Patient Positioning
    • 27″ wide table top with 500 lbs. weight capacity
  • C-arm Easily Pivots Out of the Way for Full Patient Access
  • Fully Integrated Motorized C-arm and Table – Designed for Complicated Procedures
    • Allows for more versatile imaging 
  • Fine catheters & guide wires, stones and ducts.
  • Increased Visibility with Large Field of View Flat Panel
  • Remarkable Image Quality

The Omega e-view MP: Multi-Purpose for More Complex Procedures

The e-view MP offers more flexibility and built on the success of the e-view platform. The e-view MP is the only system on the market designed to handle the most complex endoscopic therapies along with a comprehensive array of other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The e-view MP is equipped with all the great benefits found in the e-view along with:

  • An Expanded Procedure Portfolio
  • C-arm With Wide Arc Allows a Full Lateral View
  • Serves a Diverse Population
  • Heavy Lift 10- way ERCP Motorized Table for Patient Positioning
    • 30″ wide table top with 800 lbs weight capacity. 

Compared to GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba and more Omega Medical Imaging Fluoroscopy Systems are unmatched. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and serving hospitals world-wide since 1991. Trust your Gastroenterology team with Omega Medical Imaging.


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