Interventional Endoscopy

The E-View and E-View MP Fluoro System

Omega Medical Imaging is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Fluoroscopy X-ray imaging for GI/ERCP and Image Guided Endoscopic Procedures. The specifically designed E-View System enabled with FluoroShield™ is the most advanced, high performing imaging system available and now the safest solution for patients and staff.


Dedicated to GI |FluroShield™ Protected | Superior Imaging | Committed to High Performance

Designed Specifically for Therapeutic Endoscopy procedures

The E-View/ E-View MP is the only system on the market designed specifically for the therapeutic procedures of interventional endoscopy. The E-View Systems are apprised of features exclusively developed for ERCP and image guided endoscopic GI procedures.

Endscopist worldwide appreciate the E-Views unique scatter radiation protection, a ten way ERCP motorized table, a fully pivoting C- arm and remarkable image quality

Patient and Staff Safety 

Omega E-View and E-View MP fluoroscopy systems are about ease of use, integration and safety. Standard on every Omega E-View system is our exclusive Fully Automatic Radiation Reduction package that includes FluoroShield™, with the only fully autonomous ultra-fast Trublock™ collimator that will dramatically reduce radiation to patients (up to 84%) and staff far beyond any other solution available today. Using all your current ALARA best practices, simply step on the Omega pedal and FluoroShield™ delivers an even higher level of protection to your patients and staff.

Superior Imaging

Omega incorporates a large field of view Flat Panel, low dose flat panel detector,  supporting radiation reduction and clear image quality. In addition, Omega’s high resolution Large Video Monitor/Manager options and integrated boom systems  offers expanded procedure flexibility.

High Performance Assurance 

Omega believes performance, reliability, and safety is designed in; then enhanced when backed by a team dedicated to patient care and your satisfaction.

Omega’s assurance coverage is designed to protect your investment ensuring reliability, top performance and patient and staff safety while delivering significant cost savings. Omega’s assurance promise is factory backed, by world class engineers and technicians to ensure your systems peak performance.






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