Fluoroscopic Systems

Electrophysiology: Single and Dual Plane Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems

We offer Single Plane or Dual Plane configurations that can be matched with conventional Image Intensifiers or Flat Panel Detector technology and can include Titling or Non Tilting tables and a variety table lengths.

Flat Panel Display monitors are standard, and Omega’s ceiling suspensions hold from three (3) to eight (8) flat panel displays. Optionally, the very latest in large field Flat Panel Displays (56″ or 60″) for viewing multiple modalities are also available. A wide selection of X-Ray tubes, accessmonitor boom configurations, tables, ceiling suspended surgical lights and radiation shields are also available.

Cardiology: AOmega Dual Labdvanced Cardiac or Dual Use Imaging Systems

Our state of the art Cardiac Cath and Cath/Angiography (DSA) Systems are excellent solutions for the busiest cardiology departments or private practice facilities. The compact design, ease of use and high performance our systems it ideal for most any room.

Omega’s isocentric L/C positioner is designed to obtain the most demanding angles for cardiac imaging. The L/C movements are motor controlled to provide continuous head-up imaging. Controls may be mounted on either side or at the foot end of the table.

Interventional Endoscopy: The e-view ERCP Fluoro System

The e-view is the only system in the world designed, engineered, and built for GI/ERCP and Image Guided Endoscopic Procedures. Our system is fully integrated to optimize both clinical and financial results. The e-view is a precise motorized system integrating C-arm, patient table, imaging system, image processing and display modules.