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Single and Dual Plane EP Fluoro Systems

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We’re the world leader in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge, dedicated X-ray C-arms for Electrophysiology. Why? Because we design with the future in mind. We take great care making sure our equipment has the agility and flexibility to be updated for needs that arise down the road. Our dedicated EP systems are optimized to handle ablations and devices and to reduce costs through streamlined technology.


Our Single and Dual Plane configurations are designed from the ground up to be used in various hospital departments and healthcare facilities. Modular flat panel systems can be configured to operate in primary labs in smaller hospitals, a backup lab for larger hospitals, Cardiac Cath labs, outpatient labs, and “Hybrid” labs for EP + Cath hospitals. Both configurations include modalities from Basic Fluoro-only Systems to Advanced Systems that offer Fluoro, Fluoro Loops and Cine.

The Single Plane EP Fluoro System is a custom built C-arm and table with unrivaled positioner flexibility for EP and device implantation. Table controls include panning handle, table elevation and tilting functions.

The Dual Plane EP Fluoro System has evolved from the successful platform of our Single Plane System, offering identical table panning handle and operator controls with separate controls for the lateral positioner. When the Dual Plane mode is selected, a unique interlock allows the lateral and frontal plane positioners to be operated simultaneously with a single joystick.

choice equals affordability.

It’s all about options and cost effective solutions. Our systems come standard with titling or non-tilting tables, large (up to 60”) flat panel display monitors, and configurable ceiling suspensions. If you’re looking to upgrade your flat panel displays, no problem, we’re a certified nationwide EIZO partner; offering their complete spectrum of RadiForce medical monitor solutions. With our wide selection of accessories, monitor boom configurations, tables, ceiling suspended surgical lights and radiation shields, your options are endless.

Best in-care treatment can equate to costly, unaffordable imaging equipment. Our EP Fluoro System challenges the status quo and overcomes budgeting constraints to meet the needs of EP labs throughout the world.

Maximize Efficiencies in Space and Cost While Minimizing Downtime

  • Affordable and Reliable EP fluoro imaging systems that deliver substantially lower total life cycle costs than other manufactures.
  • Refined and Intuitive our EP system is built for ease-of-use avoiding unnecessary “bells and whistles” that are confusing, cumbersome and expensive.
  • Space Efficient Footprint requires less square footage; saving thousands in construction and/or renovation costs and freeing up space for other modalities.
  • Industry’s Fastest install time saving tens of thousands of dollars on lost revenue per day.
  • Economical Upgrade Options offer our customers the opportunity to update their Omega II systems to the state of the art flat panel technology.

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