AI Image-Guided
Electrophysiology Systems


Cardiac Electrophysiology

Change Your Reality of Radiation Safety – Reduce Dose by up to ~84%*


The Ultimate in
Radiation Dose Reduction

· Automatically defines and manages the ROI during a case for handsfree performance.

· Goes beyond filtering and completely blocks radiation with fully automated ultra-fast collimation.

· Ultimate radiation protection for everyone in the room – patient, physician, and staff – during fluoro and cine.

· Spectacular image quality inside and out of the ROI.

AI Image-Guided Electrophysiology Systems

Comparison of radiation profiles between AI and non-AI cardiac x-ray systems

Conclusion: In all modes of acquisition at varying frame rates, there is significant reduction in radiation when comparing the Omega AI image-guided x-ray system to competitors
Radiation profiles charts

Image Processing

· Experience unrivaled image quality with Nyquist.IQ advanced image processing.

· Newest, most advanced imaging system available.

· Highly responsive CMOS detector offers advanced feature detectability.

· Enhanced visualization of vessels and catheters.

AI Image-Guided Electrophysiology Systems

Innovative Design

· Delivers patient access and angulations previously reserved for ceiling systems.

· Save valuable space with smaller footprint.

· Installation in days, not months.

Soteria Ai

Shatter the Normal


Soteria.AI Revealed

Imaging Beyond Expectations.

Omega Soteria.AI takes your imaging beyond expectations

The Omega Soteria.AI is the next generational leap in image-guided interventional systems. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the cardiovascular lab, Soteria.AI answers the call.

The name Soteria.AI was chosen carefully. Soteria is the goddess of safety and salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm. That describes the Soteria.AI system perfectly.

Omega provides world-class technology with superior imaging and radiation safety.

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