Our Strategic
Clinical Partnerships

Shyam Thakkar, MD, Director of Endoscopy
WVU Health

“The center’s unique design and build helps facilitate these novel treatments and places it as one of the most elite for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. From its innovative infection prevention technology, to a video integration system which enables our staff to more seamlessly collaborate in the management of the most complex patients, this facility assures truly best-in-class patient care.”

Elie Aoun, MD, MS, Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Allegheny Health Network

“This significant investment in the capacity and capabilities of our gastroenterology program is a testament to AGH’s long-history of providing exceptional care for patients in need of gastrointestinal screenings, diagnostic exams or therapeutic interventions. “We now have a beautiful, sophisticated new facility to meet the increasing demand for our services with a level of care, innovation, quality and efficiency that is second to none in our region.”

Stuart Sherman, MD, Glen A. Lehman Professor of Gastroenterology
Indiana University Health

“We’ve been very pleased with the image quality overall. We can see the fine details of the ductal structures which allows us to advance our wires safely and get the job done with positioning of stents or removing stones. I believe it compares very well in terms of imaging to all the other providers that we’ve used before. Before we purchased the Omega Unit, we did several onsite reviews and looked at several other well-known companies producing fluoroscopic units. We found that the Omega compared very well to the competition. We bought our first three units along with another company’s unit for our initial four ERCP rooms but as time passed by five years since we made our major purchase, we realized that Omega was clearly superior in terms of imaging and radiation reduction and therefore made the move to get rid of our fourth unit which was from another company to get another omega units.”

Tom Birch Radiological Engineer
Indiana University Health

“Extremely Reliable! Have not had to change out any major components which you won’t typically expect. Zero Major Problems! Downtime has been next to nothing for all three rooms. It’s pretty extraordinary really.”

Johan Bakken, MD, Therapeutic Endoscopist
St. Mary’s Medical Center

“I will say that the image quality, ease of operation, and customization capacity of the Omega system are the strong points for me. The dedication with regards to installation, setup, and training from the Omega team has also been exceptional, and I am very, very satisfied with our purchase thus far!”

Abhitabh Patil, MD, Advanced, Therapeutic Endoscopist
St. Anthony’s Hospital

“I find the imaging from the Omega system to be fantastic. It is particularly useful in complex cases involving hilar biliary strictures, evaluation of PSC with identification of subtle strictures, as well as enteric stenting cases. Moreover, the system is easy to use, capable of recording cases for educational purposes, and can be controlled by the endoscopist during the case. I truly believe that the Omega E-View system is the premier digital fluoroscopic imaging system designed to meet our current and future needs as Advanced, Therapeutic Endoscopists. I would highly recommend this system to anyone contemplating performing these interventional cases.”