Cardiac Cath & Angiography Systems (DSA)

Cardiac Cath Lab / Angiography Systems

Omega Medical Imaging is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Fluoroscopy Cardiac Cath and Cath/ Angiography systems. The specifically designed Omega Cardiac Cath Lab Imaging System enabled with FluoroShield™ is the most advanced, high performing imaging system available and now the safest solution for patients and staff.

Safety| Premium Quality| Seamless Workflow | Faster Installation

Cardiac Cath Lab / Angiography Systems

Patient and Staff Safety 

Standard on every Omega system is our exclusive Fully Automatic Radiation Reduction package that includes FluoroShield™, with the only fully autonomous ultra-fast Trublock™ shutter that will dramatically reduce radiation to patients (up to 84%) and staff far beyond any other technology available today. Using all the ALARA best practices you already use today, simply step on the Omega pedal and FluoroShield™ delivers a higher level of protection to your patients and staff.


Superior Imaging

Omega Medical Imaging incorporates a low dose CMOS flat panel detector to support radiation reduction and clear image quality. Along with Omega’s high resolution Large Video Monitor package, Monitor Booms & Stands we build a view to support full range of projection angles. We have the expertise to design, build and install Large monitor systems for new rooms AND upgrade existing rooms. We specialize in multi-vendor upgrades and integration.

Cardiac Cath Lab Systems / Angiography DSA Systems

Refined and Intuitive

Single and Dual Plane Solutions. The complete Omega EP systems are specifically designed for the procedures preformed in Interventional Cardiology .  Modular flat panel systems can be configured to operate in primary labs in smaller hospitals, a backup lab for larger hospitals, outpatient labs, and “Hybrid” labs for EP + Cath. Our refined, thoughtful design allows for quick user adoption and standardize work flow.


Cardiac Cath Lab Systems / Angiography DSA Systems

Affordable and Reliable

It’s all about options and cost effective solutions. With our wide selection of accessories, monitor boom configurations, tables, ceiling suspended surgical lights and radiation shields, your options are endless. Best in-care treatment can equate to costly, unaffordable imaging equipment. The complete Omega Cardiac Cath Lab System challenges the status quo and overcomes budgeting constraints to meet the needs of EP labs throughout the world. Compared to GE, Philips, Toshiba, Siemens and other large conglomerates – Omega Medical systems save you $1m+ in life-cycle cost.





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