AdventHealth Center for Interventional Endoscopy – AI Image-Guided X-ray Live Demo

Dr Bang
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April 16, 2020

In collaboration with the Center for Interventional Endoscopy at AdventHealth Orlando, and Boston Scientific, Omega Medical Imaging brings you a live procedure demonstration (recording) of:

  • Artificial Intelligence-aided fluoroscopy in reducing radiation exposure during image-guided endoscopic procedures.
  • ERCP using single-use duodenoscope and single-operator cholangioscopy-guided biopsy of indeterminate biliary stricture.

Performed by Dr. Shyam Varadarajulu and narrated by Dr Ji Young Bang, viewers will learn:

  • The role of Artificial-Intelligence aided FluoroShield in decreasing radiation exposure during ERCP and other image-guided endoscopic interventions.
  • Discuss the role of rapid onsite specimen processing techniques in evaluation of indeterminate biliary stricture.
  • Know the role of SpyBite MaxTM in tissue acquisition.
  • Discuss the role of single use duodenoscopes in the practice of ERCP.

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