Interventional Endoscopy

e-view™ is the only system in the world designed, engineered, and built for GI/ERCP and Image Guided Endoscopic Procedures. Our system is fully integrated to optimize both clinical and financial results. e-view is a precise motorized system integrating C-arm, patient table, imaging system, image processing and display modules.

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Benefits Delivered:

  • Scatter Radiation Protection with our industry exclusive image detector and under table shielding.
  • Rotating C-Arm can be easily turned +/- 90 degrees out of the way toward the head or foot of the table. Full 360 degree access to the patient for emergencies, non-Fluor studies, and ease of patient loading.
  • Refined Controls for intuitive control for patient positioning and perfect visualization of anatomy.
  • Fully Motorized C-Arm and Table are integrated and controlled from a single convenient panel. Ease of draining, patient positioning and superior imaging.
  • MP Configuration for expanded procedure flexibility is available.
  • Specialized ERCP Table with 10 way motorized motions. Only motorized ERCP table on the market available with full 800 lbs capacity and 30 inches wide. The 10 motions include: elevation, longitudinal panning, transverse panning, Trendelenburg tilt, and lateral cradle tilting.
  • e-View contains a 1,000,000 heat unit x-ray tube, which is far larger than other competing systems on the market, which generally do not exceed 600,000 heat units.
  •  Configured for optimal interventional Endoscopic procedures, the patient’s head is placed on the right side of the table (away from the table base).
  • All tables include a Retractable Footstep for improved patient loading and access for staff. This is a completely unique feature compared to other tables. (Not available with the MP configuration)