Electrophysiology Labs

We are the world leader in the design and manufacturing of cutting edge dedicated X-ray C-arms for Electrophysiology.  Leveraging our 21 years+ of experience our systems are optimized for the EP lab. We offer Single Plane or Dual Plane configurations that can be matched with conventional Image Intensifiers or Flat Panel Detector technology and can include Titling or Non Tilting tables and a variety table lengths.

Flat Panel Display monitors are standard, and Omega’s ceiling suspensions hold from three (3) to eight (8) flat panel displays. Optionally, the very latest in large Flat Panel Displays (56″ or 60″) for viewing multiple modalities are also available. A wide selection of accessories, monitor boom configurations, tables, ceiling suspended surgical lights and radiation shields are also available.

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Omega EP delivers:

  • Unmatched System Configuration Flexibility
  • Ease of Use
  • Sharp Images
  • Safety you can trust with Low Dose X-Ray Imaging technology
  • Dose Reduction features
  • Powerful Digital Imaging Systems with Exceptional High- Definition Image Capture
  • Full DICOM Networking Standard
  • Hybrid applications
  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • Lowest total life cycle cost
  • Large 56″ & 60″ Displays and video management solutions
  • Complete upgrade path
  • Space saving design

Single Plane Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems

Single Plane table controls consist of panning handle, table elevation and tilting functions.

The intuitive system controls consist of:

  • Joysticks for positioner movement
  • Touch pads for image MAG modes
  • Variable SID and beam collimation

Both table and L/C positioner controls may be placed on either side of table or the foot of table.

Dual Plane Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems

As the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of dedicated Electrophysiology X-ray Imaging Systems for over 22 years, Omega has provided EP Physicians with the most cost-effective, technically advanced X-ray Imaging Systems in the world.

Omega’s systems offer both Single Plane and Dual Plane with Imaging, with modalities from Basic Fluoro Only Systems to Advanced Systems that offer Fluoro, Fluoro Loops and Cine. For over two decades, Ease of Operation, Excellent Image Quality and the industry’s lowest Total Cost of Ownership has made Omega the Gold Standard for EP physicians in the U.S. and internationally.

The Dual Plane table controls consist of the same panning handle and operator controls that are utilized in the Single Plane system. There are separate controls for operation of the lateral positioner. When the Dual Plane mode is selected, a unique interlock allows the lateral and frontal plane positioners to be operated simultaneously with a single joystick.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Space Efficient
• Omega systems require less square footage
• Saves tens of thousands in construction or renovation costs
• Frees up space for other modalities

Room Preparation Cost
• Average 30-40% savings over competitors

Cost-Effective Upgrades
• Single Plane to Dual Plane
• Image Intensifiers to Flat Panel Detectors

Low Life Cycle Cost
• Unmatched Reliability for Reduced Down Time
• Lower Post Warranty Labor & Replacements Parts Costs