About Us


tailored. flexible. integrated.

The beauty of our wide range of imaging fluoro systems (and our staff) is the ability to optimize, add and tailor them to fit into the unique and specific ways hospitals deliver patient care-basically enabling them to deliver care that results in the best patient outcomes and assures overall safety. We create long-lasting, ongoing partnerships with our clinicians to develop not just an interventional fluoro system, but tailored, flexible and integrated solutions to create an efficient, comfortable and convenient environment for physicians, nurses, technicians and patients.

We’re part of the healthcare system. Part of the team. We’re involved, engaged and dedicated to providing a tailored solution for a healthcare environment that benefits everyone.

interventional imaging and innovation.

We’re committed to better patient outcomes. We partner with clinicians to create innovative imaging solutions and develop and refine specialized tools to help doctors incorporate best practices to further advance the way healthcare is delivered.

the bottom line – refined, reliable, cost effective.

Our systems are engineered and built to perform and last- they’re designed to handle larger loads and higher volume and typically last more than 10 years. Our clinicians often easily upgrade to our latest innovations rather than spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every couple of years.

proud heritage.

Since 1991 our engineers, designers, craftsmen and technicians have been building the most reliable and technically advanced X-ray C-Arm imaging systems for Cardiology and Interventional Endoscopy.
We’re the only manufacturer in the world who specializes in fluoroscopic systems designed from the ground up for special therapeutic procedures. Our list of growing references includes prestigious physicians and healthcare systems and providers around the world. We deliver high quality, performance, flexibility, ease-of-use and cost effective solutions right here in sunny Florida.

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